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Arthroscopy is normally a quick, minimally invasive, outpatient knee surgery performed by The Family Practice & Orthopedic Care Center, PC that allows you to resume normal activities within a few days. By making a small incision through the skin, our physicians are able to insert an arthroscope — which is a small camera with lighting capabilities and incredible flexibility — into the knee joint to examine problems and allow for comprehensive repair to the joints.

We can perform this procedure for both diagnostic and treatment purposes for conditions such as torn floating cartilage, torn surface cartilage, trimming damaged cartilage, and even ACL reconstruction.

As a minimally invasive procedure by nature, it allows for patients to get back to their normal lifestyles within a short period of time. For example, patients can usually return to work in less than a week. Athletes, meanwhile, may only require five to six days on the sidelines before being allowed back into competition.

When should Arthroscopy be considered?

  • Repeated episodes of locking (could be Meniscal tear)
  • Persistent sense of giving way (usually because of ACL injury )
  • Unexplained and repeated effusion (for diagnosing the cause)
  • Persistent pain with no definite cause (early OA)
  • Recurrent anterior knee pain (Sub-patellar problems)
  • Synovitis or Synovial thickening (Inflammation of joint line)
  • Stiff knee with intraarticular aetiology (Formation of Fibrous Band into joint)
  • Clinical and / or radiological suspicion of loose body

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