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Though hip surgery can often be thought of with fear and disdain, reality is that it does an incredible amount to treat hip injuries and arthritis alike. Additionally, the benefits of having surgery performed can do an incredible amount to allow you to live a high-quality, pain-free life.

At The Family Practice & Orthopedic Care Center, PC, we’re here to help you arm yourself with the necessary information, ensuring that you'll have peace of mind when you choose to undergo a hip-related surgical procedure with us.

Whether your hip has been damaged by arthritis, fracture, or another debilitating condition (whether acute or chronic), it can have a significant impact on your day-to-day life. Even mundane activities such as getting dressed and walking around may become incredibly uncomfortable or virtually impossible. And, in incredibly rare cases, you may feel significant pain while resting.

While we'll do everything we can to help you identify hip problems and fix them with corrective action through medication, lifestyle changes, or other remedies, hip surgery may be the optimal solution. By replacing your hip joint with an artificial joint, you'll notice elimination in hip pain, a significant increase in motion, and the ability to enjoy life like you did before.

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